In which I share some thoughts with CBC News for their story regarding the blowback to the latest trailer for “Maestro.”

The Jewish Telegraph Agency asked me to comment for their piece marking the end of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.


Kathryn Post at the Religion News Service reached out to me for my thoughts on the newest bible musical to hit the scene.

Some time back, I was fortunate to receive a short term fellowship from the New York Public Library to support work on a book-in-progress about New York newspaper theatre critics. That book is at least “a year away from being a year away” – but here’s a report from the archives.

As per usual, my calendar for the coming academic year is starting to fill up with speaking engagements and other work-related adventures — some in-person and some virtual. Want me to visit your class, department, conference, or theatre festival? Look for the “Book Henry” button that appears in numerous places on this site.

In the spirit of the season, I was invited by The Conversation to share a few thoughts on the growing popularity of Jesus Christ Superstar as Easter-themed entertainment.

In which the Jewish Telegraph Agency (JTA) cites yours truly to help explain the Jewish sex appeal of Alana Haim’s character in Paul Thomas Anderson’s latest film.